RoADAR Dorset  the RoSPA group in Dorset for drivers and motorcyclists




RoADAR Dorset is one of a nationwide network of groups affiliated to RoADAR (RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders). 





We're a volunteer-run group of driving and motorcycling enthusiasts who want to help prevent unneccessary road accidents and injuries by: 

  • improving driving and motorcycling knowledge, attitude, skills and standards in Dorset
  • encouraging and helping drivers and motorcyclists to prepare for and pass the RoSPA Advanced Driving/Motorcycling test





Perhaps you'd like to:

  • be a safer, more efficient and skilful driver or rider?
  • choose better lines through bends?
  • increase your observation skills on the road?
  • have more confidence in your driving and riding?
  • enjoy your driving/riding even more than now? 
  • get from A to B safely, with less wear and tear?


If you're a car driver or motorcyclist looking to enhance your existing skills - increasing your safety, confidence and enjoyment - then maybe we can help you. Click on one of the pictures below to find out more.








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