RoADAR Dorset “Super Six” courses for 2018



In 2018, we added a different option for our motorcyclists - the “Super Six” Advanced Riding course. We know this is an effective way of helping you permanently change the way you ride your motorcycle  - becoming smoother, safer and more skilful. By the end, we hope you’ll be ready to successfully pass the RoSPA Advanced Riding test.


This format works really well and is liked by both the course delegates and the Tutors running it. 



The traditional “allocated Tutor” concept will still be available for those who cannot attend a course at weekends - at weekends or even during the working week for those who work shifts or are free then - but if you can do the course, that's what we'd recommend. 



Six Fortnightly Sessions 


The “Super Six” course comprises six structured sessions with our trained and qualified Advanced Riding Tutors - building up your riding knowledge and practical riding skills. Sessions take place every two weeks, starting in the morning and finishing by lunchtime. The gap in between sessions is for you to go out by yourself and practice. Without practice you will not improve. 


What’s Involved


Each session starts with a short classroom-based lesson on the Advanced Riding topic for today. Then it’s out onto the road in ones or twos with your Tutor to put that into practice, get feedback and improve. The end of the session will be at a suitable spot for a hot drink and chat with the others on your course - adding a sociable element to the morning. 


This course is intended to be fun, informative and useful in a practical way.



Course Dates


The next Super Six course starts in early 2019 - the specific dates are still to be confirmed. The meeting point will be Poole Fire Station - with access to their training room from 9am and a prompt start at 9:30am. The finish point will vary, depending on what we’re doing in the days session, but it won’t be too far from Poole, Bournemouth or Christchurch and we’re aiming to be done by 12:45pm or so.





How To Register


To register for a course place, you must first become an Associate member of RoADAR Dorset. If you are NOT a member, please click here to find out more about us and click here to find out how to join us. Basically, join the group and ask for a place on the next course. It's that simple. 



There are no tuition fees to pay, but we do ask that you contribute £10 per session to help our volunteer Tutors with their machine running costs. You will also need to ride a road-legal motorcycle and be legal yourself! 


Email if you are already a member of RoADAR Dorset and you'd like a place on the course. 


However - we're running one-to-one Tutoring and indoor meetings all year round. So don't wait for a course if you're happy to just get started and change the way you ride. Join now and be better prepared for Spring 2019. 


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