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RoADAR Dorset has two types of membership - Full members and Associate members.  Please choose which category you'd like to join us in by by clicking on the correct button.


MARCH 2020 NEWS....


Due to the current situation regarding CV-19, and under advice from RoSPA, we have suspended all face-to-face activities and meetings - including training for the RoSPA Advanced Driving/Riding tests - until further notice.  Please bear that in mind if you are thinking of joining us. As soon as things change for the better, we will update this page again. 


Regards, The RoADAR Dorset Committee

Associate members have not yet passed a RoSPA Advanced Driving or Riding test. 

Full members have passed a RoSPA Advanced Driving or Riding test (or retest) within the last three years and are current members of RoSPA.

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