Stayin' Alive 2019


This summer, we’re running a three session workshop for riders who are not members of RoADAR Dorset. 



What Is It?


It’s an opportunity to come along and get some practical riding time with a qualified, volunteer RoSPA Tutor who can help you with your riding. Maybe we’ll remind you of something you’ve forgotten, or show you something that you didn’t know which may transform how you ride in future. 
In particular, we’re going to try and prevent you from making the most common riding mistakes that cause motorcyclists to have crashes and get hurt. 


Am I Eligible?


This is suitable for you if you:
  • passed your L-test in the last 2-3 years and want a check-up
  • don’t ride very often and want to be sure you stay safe
  • have had a “near miss” of some sort and not sure how to avoid another one
  • have been riding for 20+ years but not taken any extra training in that time
  • don’t currently have the time to join us and commit to a full Advanced Test programme





Session One         - Sunday, August 4th
Session Two         - Sunday, August 18th
Session Three       - Sunday, September 15th



All sessions start at the Training Room of Poole Fire Station, starting at 9:30am. 


What Happens?


After a coffee and short group chat, you’ll split off with your Tutor (and possibly one other rider) to go out for a riding session. The Tutor will follow you as you ride. There will be several stops to discuss what he/she has seen and some suggestions for what you might like to consider changing - before riding off again to practice.  
The sessions should be finished by 1:00pm with a final debrief and coffee. 

What Does It Cost?


To register and attend all three sessions, we’re asking you to donate just £20 to the group. We’ll use that donation to contribute towards the motorcycle expenses of the volunteer Tutors involved. We don’t sell courses and we don’t charge tuition fees. On the session days themselves, you won’t be asked for anything else. 

Who’s Running It?


RoADAR Dorset. We’re a self-help group of like-minded people with a team of qualified, volunteer Tutors helping people prepare for their RoSPA Advanced motorcycling Test.

Have I joined RoADAR Dorset?


No. Participating in this won’t make you a member of our group. If you decide you like what we’re doing and want to join us when the programme has finished (or sooner), you’ll be able to join us properly - at a reduced fee.

What Next?


If you want to enrol on Stayin’ Alive 2019, send an email to and we’ll get back to you explaining what needs to be done next. 
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