How We Help You Change

Learn The Underlying Principles


Making the change and becoming a safer, more skillful rider starts by understanding how to go about it. We can't learn it for you - you'll have to do it yourself!


That means reacquainting yourself with the Highway Code - so you know what is the law and what is good advice. You'll also need to read and absorb the contents of Motorcycle Roadcraft. This book explains the thinking behind becoming a different sort of rider. It's what Police motorcyclists use as a basis for their professional riding. 


How We Help You Improve

Once you've joined us, you'll be paired up with a qualified Tutor. They're riders just like you who were once in the same place that you're in - hoping to change their riding and looking for help from someone who's already done it before them.


Your Tutor will coach you in applying the principles of Advanced Riding (as described in Motorcycle Roadcraft) and give you feedback on your progress. This will be done on the road, with the Tutor following you as you ride and giving advice and feedback at regular intervals when you stop. They've been trained to help you understand and improve..


You have to make a commitment to yourself to practice between Tutoring sessions, otherwise you won't improve. 

The RoSPA Advanced Motorcycling Test

The RoSPA Advanced Motorcycle Test is the culmination of all that hard work. It's conducted by a RoSPA Examiner who is independent of RoADAR Dorset. The test takes up to 90 minutes or so, and covers a variety of road conditions.  In addition to demonstrating your riding, you may be asked to explain an aspect of Roadcraft, or answer a question about the Highway Code and demonstrate an understanding of your motorcycle.


The examiners are friendly, supportive and want you to pass. Passes are graded Bronze, Silver and Gold. You'll get the test result there and then, plus a written report explaining how you did a few days later.


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