Social Media


If you're interested in the activities of our Motorcycle section, there's a Facebook page you can "Like" or "Join". You don't have to be a member of the group to participate.


Go to Facebook and search for "Dorset RoSPA Advanced Motorcyclists", or just click here.



We run an email-based "News and Notifications" service. It's hosted by MailChimp.


It's used to our promote motorcycling events and driving events. If you'd like to subscribe, click here and enter your details. It's the easy way to stay in touch and have us notify you. You can unsubscribe any time you wish if you change your mind. If you're a RoADAR Dorset member and you "opted-in" on your Application Form, then you've already been subscribed.



What's the difference?


The Mailchimp list gets used to send emails about upcoming events. That way, even if you don't see something in the Events diary, you'll still get to know about it.


The Facebook page is a public conversation - aimed at motorcycling and some of the participants are not RoADAR Dorset members. Anyone who's interested can see what's being said and participate. However, like every other Facebook page, conversations can scroll down your screen and be missed. So, we'd respectfully suggest it's not the best way of communicating with anyone in RoADAR Dorset if you're expecting a response! 



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